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Making Mobile Applicaiton Affordable for Every Shop Owner

  1. Menu Catalogue of your products or services with rich images and full descriptions. Let your customers explore more.
  2. Booking Pocketshop helps you to manage all the bookings or encourage customers to make a booking right after receiving a special invitation offer.
  3. Survey Giving your customers an ultimate shopping experience and stay aware of the goodies and weaknesses of your business.
  4. Social From mobile marketing to social network marketing. Get ahead your competitors by unifing your online marketing strategy.

Featuring "Shake-A-Coupon", User Receive and Use Their Coupons by Shaking Their Mobile Phones

  Let the customers stay in touch with latest
information of their favorite products or services
Pocketshop® is a Cloud based services
which means it let shopkeepers to manage customer
relationship without investing any new hardware
or software, all these can be done by just using
a normal web browser.


Activities & Events
Customers will get the latest information
about the activities and events held
by the shop.



VIP & Membership
Provide a distinguished privilage service
to your members or VIP customers to enhance
their loyalty and shopping experiences.

  Promotion & Special Offer
Notify your valuable customers
about the latest special offer from the shop.
Attract more customers and generate
more sales revenue.
  Services Menu or Products Catalogue
A scrollable menu driven interface.
All your services or products are categorized
in a user friendly reading manner.
  Photo Album of Happy Moments
Capture the happiest moments
of your customers and post them onto
this album. Establish a positive brand image
between them.
  Shop Location & Map
Determine position of the customers
and provide a direction map of the
nearest shop locations. Or call the shop
driectly using the one-call button.
  Other Features      
  Customized Application
Customize the whole App according
to your shop requirements. Include
layout, color scheme, icons & menu.
Support Multiple Branches
Multiple App to be assigned for
different branches. But still manage
them under one single account.
Notification Control
Aviod annoying your customers
by endless notification messages.
Take fully control on the sending
Advertising Banner
Highlight your products and
services by presenting them
in the top banner.
  Coupon Management
Manage coupon with number of issues,
expiry date, number of download
per handset and more...
Forward Coupon to a Friend
A great feature for working in a
viral marketing campaign.
QR Code Support
Support optional QR code for each
coupon. Keep track on every single
coupon. Great feature for issue cash voucher.
Integrated Survey Report
Survey result to be presented on
a single graph. Doing customer's
behavior anaylsis like no way before.
  Backend Booking Calender
All the bookings are presented
in a single elegant calender view
to ease the management.
Content Upload thru Handset
Upload your content live
using your smartphone without
accessing the PC. Simply install our
free Cotent Upload App (CUP).
Comprehensive Campaign Statistics
Keeps track of all your campaign
statistics, monitoring number of
app download, coupons usage
or even specific pages per view.
Apple Account Managed Service
Forget the tedious process of
applying for the Apple Developer
Account. Let us help you to handle it
from the very beginning.
  Sales Enquiry:
email sales@linkubi.com.au